Annulment of conviction in a case of pregnancy denial

On the 8th September 2021, the Court of Criminal Appeal of San José, Costa Rica, decided to annul the trial in which a mother had been declared guilty. In the previous sentence, issued on the 3rd February 2021, it was agreed, unanimously, that Yoana was guilty of attempted manslaughter of her son; for which she had received a six-year imprisonment sentence (with the possibility of an electronically monitored house arrest as an alternative for the imposed sentence).

Oxytocin vs Coronavirus

Cooperate or compete. Trust or fear. Share or fight. Accompany or isolate. In the end, there are only two states: love or fear, and one is the absence of the other. The more love, less fear. The more fear, less love (in the words of Abuela Margarita). Hard choices, vital decisions always come down to these …

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Dear Midwife, thank you

Dear midwife, How are you? I have spoken with several of your colleagues, others have written to me. They have told me of your feelings of frustration and impotence, of your exhaustion, of your giving of self. Of the difficult job you are facing in your birthing rooms since the coronavirus pandemic began. Of how …

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