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- Birth

Reproductive exploitation: the ordeal of gestating for others

Surrogacy, childbearing for others, is a very hard experience, a form of extreme reproductive exploitation in contexts of gender violence and economic poverty, that generates significant suffering for those who go through it and with high risks to their physical and mental health in the short and long term. As feminists and health agents, it is urgent that we make all these impacts visible.

We are all born in love

“There is not such a thing as a bad baby, it does not exist. All babies are born in love with their mothers. They love

BIRTH, by Ibone Olza.

Birth the English version of Parir, el poder del parto, is now published and available trhough amazon

Ilustración del artículo del blog con cuadro de Susanna Carmona

Dear Midwife, thank you

Dear midwife, How are you? I have spoken with several of your colleagues, others have written to me. They have told me of your feelings

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